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Air Liquide, partenaire d'ITER à l’occasion de l’Usine Extraordinaire

From November 14 to 16, 2019, the esplanade of J4 and the Port of Marseille Fos welcome “l’Usine Extraordinaire” (the Extraordinary Factory). Air Liquide is participating in this event alongside ITER, a research project aiming to exploit an energy source such as the solar core to meet future energy needs.

“L'Usine Extraordinaire” aims to get the general public to "change their minds about the factory" and to create vocations for the youth. This 2nd edition focuses on international champions but also on industrial excellence in the sectors of aerospace, the sea, energy and chemistry.

Air Liquide supports this initiative through a partnership with ITER and will present its expertise in extreme cryogenics. As part of the ITER project, Air Liquide is supplying the largest centralized cryogenic refrigeration system ever built. Indeed, to obtain the extremely powerful electromagnetic fields required to contain and stabilize fusion, you need superconducting magnets that only work at extremely low temperatures. The cryogenic plant that will be built on ITER's site in Cadarache, in the south of France, includes three helium refrigerators, two nitrogen refrigerators, and 1.6 km of cryogenic lines. With a cooling power of 75 kW at 4.5 K (helium) and 1.300 kW at 80 K (nitrogen), ITER will have the most powerful cooling system ever built on one site. Air Liquide is responsible for designing, building and supervising the facility.