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Air Liquide participates in ITER Business Forum 2019

With over 50 years’ expertise in extremely low temperatures, Air Liquide is a major partner for cryogenics in science research, and also in space. Air Liquide provides custom and standard cryogenic equipment and solutions in particular dedicated to scientific research, space and LNG industries, high temperature superconductivity and new energies. Air Liquide designs and supplies cold production, liquefaction, cryogenic fluid storage and customer-oriented services for laboratories and large scientific equipment, as well as cooling-power for orbital systems or cryogenic equipment for the European launcher Ariane and launch pads.

Air Liquide addresses the specific needs of each customer using a global approach that combines consulting, design, commissioning, testing and maintenance. The Group designs and manufactures helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, methane, biogas and natural gas liquefaction and refrigeration systems, and manages cryogenic fluid storage and transportation.

Join our teams on booth 49!

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