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Air Liquide participates in the 69th International Astronautical Congress Bremen 

Air Liquide has built a solid reputation in the space field thanks to its expertise in rocket launchers (ground resources and Ariane launchers) from Ariane 1 to the future Ariane 6, in the design of cryogenic equipment for satellites and also in space exploration (MTG, Herschel, Planck, Melfi, Curiosity, ExoMars, etc.).

The Group continues to innovate and push back the frontiers by developing new technologies to address two major challenges: help overcome major international challenges related to space and take part in observing Earth to understand, anticipate, and act on climate impacts.

Our core business in space industry includes:


  • Cryogenic propellant tank for propulsion stages: oxygen, hydrogen, helium
  • Cryogenic launch pad infrastructures: cryogenic lines, hydrogen and helium liquefiers
  • Cryogenic systems on board and on the ground
  • Test equipment on the ground for launchers and satellites: space simulation chambers, test benches
  • Engineering, tests and services


  • Onboard cryogenics for satellites: cold production from 0.1K to 200K - pulse tube cryocoolers, dilution coolers, Turbo-Brayton, cryostats
  • Cold management and distribution
  • Onboard gas management devices - valves, propellant storage and regulation
  • Ground support equipment: loading carts, gas production, tests
  • Engineering, tests and services

Space exploration:

  • Energy production and storage
  • Life support
  • Engineering, tests and services