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Air Liquide participates in the 2019 Cryogenic Engineering Conference

Air Liquide participates in CEC/ICMC 2019

In the field of cryogenics, Air Liquide provides custom and standard cryogenic equipment and solutions in particular dedicated to Scientific Research, Fusion, Space, LNG Industries, High Temperature Superconductivity and New Energies. Air Liquide designs and manufactures helium, nitrogen, hydrogen, methane, biogas and natural gas liquefaction and refrigeration systems, and manages cryogenic fluids storage and transportation. Air Liquide supplies some of the largest cryogenic installations worldwide: CERN, KSTAR, ITER, JT-60SA and Ras Laffan site, Qatar. Air Liquide also offers high-end solutions for production, management, storage and distribution of cooling-power for orbital systems. It provides cryogenic equipment and solutions for the European launcher Ariane, launch pads and space exploration.

Meet our teams on booths 423 and 324.

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